Friday, September 30, 2011

And if not now, when?

by +Rula Zein-Iddin
Seasons changing
Quite deranging
Sunny now
Sweaty brow
Cloudy later
Cold hater
 Dust or fog
Or is it smog?
What to wear
Or do you care?
Not just physical
In fact quite whimsical
Shorter days
Mean quick forays
Less time to think
Puts you on the brink
The mad despair
And pulling of hair
Oh how will I cope
Do I abandon all hope?
Longer nights
Shorter days
I say without hesitation
No more futile procrastination
For change is the only constant
It is the one true portent
Live each day as though your last
And never ever regret the past
You are your one true master
The point was never to do it faster
 Live and enjoy every moment
 Explore and breathe that true fulfillment
What's done, is done
What will be done, may be done
What is now, is now.
So go with the flow
Breathe freely
Look deeply
Feel strongly
Live happily.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Chart to Live by!

Pink Floyd - Song for Palestine


A wake up call for humanity.

Norman Finkelstein" "Stop playing the Holocaust Card!"

For the women of the world....

..... because women are the world.

Oh how beautiful is Freedom...

....but *where* is our freedom?

When I die...

Because every beginning must have an ending.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Enough is enough

There is no place like home & for those who have never known a home or felt they belonged anywhere then yes, this is our hour and we have paid dearly for it. Enough already. We have *all* had enough.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who Am I?

1.I was named after a nomadic tribe. My life has been nomadic. Beware what you name your kids – it can be self-fulfilling.
2.I was born in a country whose passport I do not hold yet originate from a country whose passport I cannot hold. I never felt I belonged anywhere and yet I am told that I belong everywhere I go. Go figure.
3. I love to travel. In fact I must travel. I need to meet new people, feel different cultures, feast my eyes on new scenery & explore ideas. It rejuvenates me.
4. I cannot stand routine. It is a slow mind-numbing death.
5. I hate injustice. It makes my blood boil & my mind rage.
6. I worship chocolate. I must eat 4 squares of dark chocolate every day otherwise I feel deprived.
7. I adore any kind of competitive sport and get a real kick out of team sports.
8. I love all racket sports. I play squash to win – it’s the only way I know.
9. I must have a professional challenge in my life. I love to rise to the occasion and break new barriers. In fact, I crave it.
10. I love it when someone defies me or under-estimates me & I prove them wrong. Petty I know but oh so very satisfying.
11. I live each day with the aim of either trying something new or learning something new. Ideally both.
12. I adore bright sunny days with blue skies and a cool breeze. I love the smell of freshly mown grass. I am the weirdo who stops to notice the shapes of clouds, the colour of the sunset, the smell of flowers and the busy ant hill.
13. I was born by the sea. Every fibre in my being wants to live by the sea again. I think the sea is the nearest we can come on earth to feeling, seeing & touching God.
14. I buy my Wii games following detailed conversations & analyses with 13 years old addicts. I am & will remain a kid at heart.
15. I feel 21. Still. On good days I even think I look it.
16. I worship the art of food. I love to cook it, see it, share it & devour it. It is my never-ending passion.
17. I write. Now. I stopped when I was 18 and lost my way in the rat race of studying & working. Writing is how I reconnect with my soul. It works.
18. I love people but I also love my space. I need room to think. To imagine. To breathe. To create.
19. I adore information technology. Any kind but I am not an early adopter nor do I fall for fads. I will never own an iPhone nor an Apple Computer. I just don’t get the attraction. The alternatives have higher functionality – why limit yourself just to be cool?
20. I have a huge assortment of books sorted by category. In fact I hoard them like a squirrel hoards nuts. When I discover a subject that interests me I start a new collection.
21. The internet is my life blood. It is the window to the world. I can usually find an answer to any question that occurs to me at the press of a button.
22. I have a rabbit. His name is Sunshine. Everything about him makes me smile.