Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who Am I?

1.I was named after a nomadic tribe. My life has been nomadic. Beware what you name your kids – it can be self-fulfilling.
2.I was born in a country whose passport I do not hold yet originate from a country whose passport I cannot hold. I never felt I belonged anywhere and yet I am told that I belong everywhere I go. Go figure.
3. I love to travel. In fact I must travel. I need to meet new people, feel different cultures, feast my eyes on new scenery & explore ideas. It rejuvenates me.
4. I cannot stand routine. It is a slow mind-numbing death.
5. I hate injustice. It makes my blood boil & my mind rage.
6. I worship chocolate. I must eat 4 squares of dark chocolate every day otherwise I feel deprived.
7. I adore any kind of competitive sport and get a real kick out of team sports.
8. I love all racket sports. I play squash to win – it’s the only way I know.
9. I must have a professional challenge in my life. I love to rise to the occasion and break new barriers. In fact, I crave it.
10. I love it when someone defies me or under-estimates me & I prove them wrong. Petty I know but oh so very satisfying.
11. I live each day with the aim of either trying something new or learning something new. Ideally both.
12. I adore bright sunny days with blue skies and a cool breeze. I love the smell of freshly mown grass. I am the weirdo who stops to notice the shapes of clouds, the colour of the sunset, the smell of flowers and the busy ant hill.
13. I was born by the sea. Every fibre in my being wants to live by the sea again. I think the sea is the nearest we can come on earth to feeling, seeing & touching God.
14. I buy my Wii games following detailed conversations & analyses with 13 years old addicts. I am & will remain a kid at heart.
15. I feel 21. Still. On good days I even think I look it.
16. I worship the art of food. I love to cook it, see it, share it & devour it. It is my never-ending passion.
17. I write. Now. I stopped when I was 18 and lost my way in the rat race of studying & working. Writing is how I reconnect with my soul. It works.
18. I love people but I also love my space. I need room to think. To imagine. To breathe. To create.
19. I adore information technology. Any kind but I am not an early adopter nor do I fall for fads. I will never own an iPhone nor an Apple Computer. I just don’t get the attraction. The alternatives have higher functionality – why limit yourself just to be cool?
20. I have a huge assortment of books sorted by category. In fact I hoard them like a squirrel hoards nuts. When I discover a subject that interests me I start a new collection.
21. The internet is my life blood. It is the window to the world. I can usually find an answer to any question that occurs to me at the press of a button.
22. I have a rabbit. His name is Sunshine. Everything about him makes me smile.