Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Blood Moon over Amman

I reluctantly went to bed at 2am thinking I was getting too old to pull off an all-nighter (especially after a 5 day Eid "holiday"). Boosted by the epiphany that it would probably couple more decades till such another momentous event took place I leapt out of bed and ran for my camera.

Lens fixed firmly. One sweatshirt over my PJ's, promptly followed by a fleece top a half hour later I braved the cold Jordanian desert, well Ok, my balcony.

At 3am the moon was spectacular! Brilliantly shining like a huge multi-faceted diamond it lit up the sky much to the glee of my now hyperactive feline companion.

Karmoosha was performing ever more complicated gymnastic feats in an effort to intervene between my bazzooka and this glorious super moon. Paw taps, hugs, ankle nips, full body stretches and all to no avail. I calmed her down with a glance and the classic "I see you" head nod but kept my eyes fixed firmly on the sky.

This was a practice shot was at 2:40am ~ imperative to ensure that the settings would not let me down when the big moment came. And the incredible realisation that I was stopping down to F10 and at ISO 100 due to the unbelievable brilliance of the sun reflecting of the moons surface.

And then it began: a steady shadow at the top of the moon which grew eerily stronger. It was fascinating to watch and felt like an honour to try to capture. The photos do not do it justice, how could they, but at least I made an effort to record it for posterity ;)

When a red glow started to shine through (apparently the result of the reflections of the different sunsets all over the world) I almost jumped up and down for joy. It took a lot of quick adjustments to capture the next shots, and they are nowhere near as sharp as I would like them to be but the memory of those few seconds will live with me forever!

This final shot was taken as the moon shyly dove behind the building next door. Next time I shall brave the rooftop ....better time I will be in the real outdoors because a sight this glorious should only ever be witnessed in its element.